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Accounts Receivable

You’re doing the work, you’re creating the invoices, but are you getting paid? And are you getting paid on time?


Having your Accounts Receivable in order is key to positive cash flow. And cash is king!

Are you wasting time figuring out who has paid and who is overdue?

CLI Services specialise in Accounts Receivable solutions.

CLI Services can help ensure your accounts receivable processes are streamlined, organised and automated. With our ongoing fixed-price bookkeeping packages, you’ll have a dedicated bookkeeper (and the support of a team) following up on your accounts receivable on a weekly basis. 

We’ll send statements, follow up emails and telephone clients to ensure your debtors are under control.

Having your bookkeeper make the follow up calls can also reduce the stress associated with collections. And our team is highly experienced to take care of this in a well-mannered and professional way.

We can get you ‘invoicing on the go’ with cloud apps on your phone or tablet.

We’re not bookkeepers, we’re Strategic Bookkeepers.

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