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Credit Card Purchase

Accounts Payable

We'll help you manage your Accounts Payable with the state of the art internal controls systems to ensure business continuity.  


CLI Services specialise in Accounts Payable solutions.

Here’s how we can assist you with your Accounts Payable needs:

  • A team v’s a solo operator to ensure business continuity (you Accounts Payable job done without interruption due to unavailability of your bookkeeper) 

  • Install AI and automate the process of data entry, filing and storage in Accounts Payable

  • Liaise with your Accounts Payable suppliers 

  • Reconcile Accounts Payable supplier statements to invoice 

  • Manage Accounts Payable, supplier banking details within your accounting software and your banking system 

  • Create Accounts Payable aba (banking files) to pay your suppliers periodically

  • Load aba files into your banking system for you to pay 


We have state of the art internal controls (systems) to ensure your Accounts Payable functions are handled by a team

We’re not bookkeepers, we’re Strategic Bookkeepers.

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