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Payroll compliance at it's core

CLI Services Payroll automates manual processes and ensures legislation compliance for NZ businesses and employees. CLI Services Payroll is your all-in-one payroll and workforce management solution.

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Duplicating efforts for Payday filing?

Using CLI Services Payroll's IRD Gateway Services integration, automatically report employee data to the IRD after each pay run, directly from CLI Services Payroll. Eliminate manual imports and human errors at no extra cost to your subscription.

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Tired of Holidays Act headaches?

Remove the frustrations of leave entitlements and calculations. Set up your employees to define their standard working day hours, and have correct leave calculated automatically. Easily import historic gross earnings and opening balances with our template, and the system will accurately calculate employee leave, upon taking leave, and on termination. Calculations are completely transparent, giving you a breakdown of how the outcome was achieved. Detailed support articles are on hand to justify calculation methods.

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All-in-one payroll solution

From paperless employee onboarding, to rostering and timesheets, all the way through to payroll and KiwiSaver, CLI Services Payroll is your single source of data for true payroll automation, in the cloud. Transform the way you work with clients, who will benefit from knowing that their payroll is always accurate with a comprehensive suite of payroll and workforce management tools.

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