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We’re not bookkeepers, we’re Strategic Bookkeepers. 


Bookkeeping is a cost, Strategic Bookkeeping is an investment. It is a system we developed to help you optimise your business for profit & cash.

In our model, Bookkeeping is Numbers 101, which refers to up-to-date, accurate accounting records. Strategic Bookkeeping goes beyond Numbers 101 and follows a 5 step numbers methodology to help you pull more time, money & freedom out of your business - what we call the prosperity synergy.

Map out your journey to a successful business with CLI Services here


Bookkeeping In terms of Bookkeeping, sure, we’ll handle the day to day but here’s how we provide a platinum standard of service unmatched by any other:

  • We’re not bookkeepers, we’re Strategic Bookkeepers

  • Your bookkeeping will be up to date all the time 

  • We’ll provide you with an online financial reports dashboard complete with educational videos 

  • You get access to free business planning & business mastery tools 

  • You’ll be invited to attend business strategy sessions and masterminds 

  • You’ll have a friendly team of experts available to you 24/7 


You’ll also find that, in terms of our fees, we don’t charge any more than the average Bookkeeping Practice which means you’ll get much more for less


CLI Services also has state of the art internal controls to ensure the highest standards of work and customer service are maintained which you can read more about here.

We’re not bookkeepers, we’re Strategic Bookkeepers.

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