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Get to Know Us

We reside on the beautiful North Shore, Auckland, and service clients all over New Zealand. Specialising in Strategic Bookkeeping for small to medium trades and professional services, CLI Services is grown into a thriving practice by word of mouth from happy clients

Our Vision

Our vision for our clients is optimal business performance, prosperity and peace of mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with up to date, accurate bookkeeping plus the education and support they need to build their dream business and life.

Target Market

We want to work with clients who love their business, have a growth mindset, follow the systems we give them, celebrate results, & spread the word.


Core Values


To be honest, to have difficult conversations and hold our clients accountable to "best practices" and their numbers.



In ourselves as skilled accounting professionals. To take charge and use our expertise to shine a light on the numbers to give our clients the confidence to make progressive business decisions.


To understand each client requires a tailored approach to communication and flexibility around the their work.


To follow the systems and meet the standards set by the organisation.


To finish each day with promises kept to our clients and the organisation. Nothing is more important than keeping our promise to our clients.

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