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Put a Strategic Bookkeeper on your team

Hire a Strategic Bookkeeper so you can enjoy a return on investment rather than another cost.

Our Services

How we can help

At CLI Services, we offer a range of services to meet your business needs. 

Fresh Eyes on File

A diagnostic service we developed to give business owners the insights they need to get clear on what’s next.

Catch Up Bookkeeping

If you're behind in your bookkeeping and Tax returns— then don't delay. Call us and we'll handle your catch-up job & IRD. 


We’re on a mission to use Strategic Bookkeeping to help you get cashed up, optimise your profit, and build your dream business and life. 

Strategy & Coaching

We help clients all over New Zealand transform their businesses from surviving to thriving and we can help you too. 

Financial Reporting

We'll provide you with timely and accurate financial reports as well as  support to understand and use the numbers

Software Setup & Training

We have bookkeeping software specialists, ready to assist our clients with selection, installation and training.  


Save time and money, We have specialists on the team experienced in all aspects of payroll.

Accounts Payable

We'll help you manage your Accounts Payable with the state of the art internal controls systems to ensure business continuity. 

Accounts Receivable

Are you getting paid on time? Having your Accounts Receivable in order is key to positive cash flow. And cash is king! 

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