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Catch Up Bookkeeping

Are you receiving nasty letters & phone calls from the IRD? Then don’t delay. Pick up the phone & call us, we’ll handle your catch-up job & IRD. 


​We’ve helped business owners just like you, stressed out & losing sleep, in the dark about the numbers & just avoiding it all.


We know how to plan & prioritise your catch-up bookkeeping job to minimise costs.

Map out your journey to a successful business with CLI Services here


Catch Up Bookkeeping —  Here’s why we’re known to be the best in the business when it comes to catch up work.


  • Our experience & trade-secrets that make us 4 times faster on average (saving you money)

  • Our negotiation skills & reputation with IRD 


We’re referred to the clients of pre-involvence and accountancy firms all over New Zealand and even other bookkeepers rely on us to handle catch up work. Why? Because catch up bookkeeping is nothing like regular bookkeeping and choosing the wrong bookkeeper can end up costing you time, money & your mental health!

Click here and map out your way to success!

We’re not bookkeepers, we’re Strategic Bookkeepers.

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